A Museum in Every School

With a growing Library of experiences, we can offer more interactive lessons for students than any museum in the the world. Now any day can be a field trip...

Every experience is designed by teachers and created by in-house artists and developers to provide the content and customization a teacher wants, without the hassle of 3D creation.


The PEL Room

Let's face it, not everyone is Geek Squad. 

We designed the PEL Room to be low infrastructure, installed by an EVR technician, and simple to use.

Once installed, the room includes:​​

  • 20-30 wireless headsets for every user in the class

  • Access to a growing experience repository for lessons

  • Charging stations and sanitation equipment 

  • Training sessions for schools and teachers

  • Live analytics to keep track of progress or retention


Portal Tool

Three words: Feedback, Customization, Analytics.


In order to deliver the best school tool, our Portal allows teachers to give their input on problems or get live technical support to help them.


Every lesson can be changed like a playlist, but you can even customize the content in the lesson! Schools also have the ability to request custom lessons and we work with you!


Teachers have multiple ways to perform live, customized assessments in the experience and export that data to ensure every student retains the lesson.



Interested in a Beta or Partnership? Connect with us! 

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